Keeps what is important to you safe and secure, yet lends itself to so many other possibilities

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40 feet of material that is 4 feet high and has grommets located every foot allows you to customize to suit your needs, weighs only 11 pounds and can be set up by one person in a few minutes.


Keep animals out of your garden and protect your plants from frost.


Help prevent pets and children from running into the street or roaming away, add privacy to a pool, hot tub, deck, balcony or garage, or at the beach. Use as a sun shade or wind barrier.


Put up your banner anywhere you want inside or outside.


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Learn more

Hi everyone. If you have purchased a fence with a blue poles and the base has seperated, please contact ne so I can exchange your poles.  I have had to replace all the plastic threads with metal and glue them in place, sadly one batch does not have enough glue causing the base to seperate.  Sorry for any inconvience this may cause and my sincere apologies.


(416) 435-8540